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Directions to Summerhill Farm 


We are located 3 miles up from downtown Chelan and it’s about a 5-7 minute drive. If you are pulling a big RV, take it slow and you should be just fine. There are a couple of sharp turns but we've had 45 foot 5th wheels and big rigs make it with no problem. If you have a box in the back or are riding low, be prepared for a little more challenging drive.  


From downtown Chelan, take Bradley street up the hill past the cemetery and rodeo grounds (About 2 miles). You will wind up two hills. Take it slow and you will have no problem.


After the rodeo grounds about 1 mile, take a left unto Union Valley Rd. It’s the first paved left that takes you up a third hill. 


At the top of the 3rd hill, the road makes a 90 degree turn to the right on a long flat stretch of road between two orchards. 


You will see signs for the RV entrance and Summerhill Farm. 


Enter by the old barn and drive straight ahead to the RV loop. 


There is only one way to get here, so if your GPS tries to send you another way, DON’T follow it. 


Watch closely for the left turn unto Union Valley Rd. If you miss that turn you will end up on a narrow dirt road and it is difficult to turn around with a trailer. 

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